Tree of Life

The room gets drawn
In a warm hue
Light stretches through
The cracks and falls on you
The willow taps at the window
With it’s curled fists
It reminds you
of the one you miss
This reminiscing become
a steady tick

If only thoughts
Were objects to hold
You’d choose the one
Where your eyes
As kindred souls
Shook on it all
And how they bloomed

As they reflected
What you both knew

The wind it speaks
And it upsets the leaves
They flutter like
birds with broken wings

November was so short
You can barely get wrapped up into
Those memories
To keep out the cold
You need those memories to
keep your heart warm

This trail was once much
Wider than this
A path once marked by
two sets of shoes
Those tracks they still
echo with those stories
below the undergrowth
Thats encroaching on your
fragile hope
Its got your ankle and it wont
Let go

As your breath i
It slowly collapses
You pull your elbows in
Oh so close